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Access More Apps at the Bottom of Your Screen

You know those four apps at the bottom of the screen that are always there, no matter which Home screen you’re on? Those apps are in the Dock, and it’s there so you can have quick access to four of your most-used apps. By default, Apple placed four apps there that they thought you would want to have available at all times, like the Phone app (that makes sense, right!). But, what if you want more than just four apps in your Dock? Then use this trick: create a folder of your other most-used apps (up to 16 different apps), then drag that folder down to the Dock to replace one of those four that maybe you don’t use very often. Now you have a total of 19 apps in your Dock (three regular apps and your new folder full of apps) that you can quickly get to no matter which Home screen you happen to be on. Of course, you could replace all four of the apps in the Dock with folders, and then you’d have 64 apps down there, visible all the time (but I would still leave at least the Phone app by itself, but hey, that’s just me).

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