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Adobe Photoshop Master Class: An Interview with Ibarionex Perello

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Peachpit interviews Ibarionex Perello, author of Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists, about the inspirational artists featured in the book, what they have in common, and where he draws his own inspiration.
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Peachpit: Who was Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists written for?

Ibarionex Perello: This book is meant for any photographer who wants create more personal and creative work using Photoshop. The books provides an inspiration perspective on all the things that are possible from this powerful application, especially when its rooted a sincere desire to express something unique and beautiful.

Peachpit: How did you decide which artists to feature in the book?

Ibarionex: Many of the artists that drew my attention were those whose work really inspired me to linger on their images. Though they are all beautiful images, they often posses a story-telling quality to them that really drew me in and encouraged me to really explore the images.

Peachpit: The artists featured are from all around the world. Why is this important?

Ibarionex: There is a wealth of talent all over the world, and it's now only a few keyboard strokes away. I thought it was important to share just a few of the inspiring visions that are being produced in different corners of the world. Though some of these photographers may not have name recognition, I think readers will immediately be amazed at the level and quality of work that's out there.

Peachpit: Are there certain techniques/approaches that these artists have in common?

Ibarionex: What they all share is that they each have personalized their use of Photoshop to achieve their personal vision. It becomes more than just mimicking the techniques of others, but really taking the power of the software to create something that is unique to their vision as artists.

Peachpit: What makes the book different from other Photoshop titles?

Ibarionex: This book challenges people to really think about what they want to express in their own work. When you see the wide range of styles and approaches practiced by these photographers, I think it will allow many to really consider how they too can express their own personal, unique vision.

Peachpit: The artwork showcased in the book is truly stunning. Was this all created in Photoshop alone?

Ibarionex: The great majority of the artists are using Photoshop alone. There are some who are using plug-ins to achieve certain looks, but all of them use Photoshop as their core application.

Peachpit: Where do you look for inspiration?

Ibarionex: I read a lot of blogs that focus on the unique voices in photography. Websites such as,, and provide wonderful glimpses into the great body of work that is being produced today, much of which isn't finding its way into today's magazines or galleries, but which are no less deserving of attention.

Peachpit: What advice would you offer newbie Photoshop artists?

Ibarionex: Seek inspiration everywhere. There is wonderful work being produced and shared everywhere, and it's important to discover them. Don't just limit yourself to a web search. Find local galleries and museums as well because you will be very much inspired to create your own work.

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