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Working with Calendars on the iCloud Website

The iCloud website gives you a great deal of control over your calendar. With it, you can add, view, and change events; manage calendars; and share your calendars with others (for that last, see the “Sharing Your Calendars with Others” section, later in this chapter).

In this section, all the action will take place on the iCloud website. We’ll begin by creating, editing, and deleting calendars, then move on to working with calendar events.

To create a calendar

  1. Go to the iCloud website, and login using your iCloud Apple ID and password.
  2. On the iCloud Home screen circle_a.jpg, click Calendar.

    Click to view larger image

    circle_a.jpg On the iCloud website, click the Calendar icon to get started.

    The Calendar screen appears circle_b.jpg.


    Click to view larger image

    circle_b.jpg You can do almost anything that you can do in Calendar on the iCloud website.

  3. Click the Actions button at the upper-right of the window.

    The Actions pop-up menu appears circle_c.jpg.


    circle_c.jpg Choose New Calendar from the Actions pop-up menu.

  4. Choose New Calendar.

    A new calendar appears at the bottom of the Calendars List, ready for you to add a name circle_d.jpg.


    circle_d.jpg Type the name of your new calendar.

  5. Enter the name, then click outside the name field to save it.

    See “Working With Events” later in this chapter to add and edit calendar events.

To view (or not) a calendar or the Calendars List

In the Calendars List, select the checkbox next to a calendar’s name to see that’s calendar’s contents. If the checkbox is cleared, the events associated with that calendar will disappear from your calendar views. Nothing’s happened to the events; you are simply choosing not to see them.


If you want to hide the Calendars List, click the Show/Hide Calendars List button at the top of the window. Clicking the button again will bring the list back.

To edit or delete a calendar

  1. In the iCloud website’s Calendar screen, click the Edit link at the top of the Calendars list at the upper-left corner of the window circle_e.jpg.

    circle_e.jpg To enter calendar Edit mode, click the Edit link.

    The Calendars list changes into edit mode circle_f.jpg.


    circle_f.jpg In Edit mode, you can change the calendar color, the calendar name, or delete the calendar.

  2. Do one or more of the following:
    • To change the color associated with the calendar, click the color button next to the name of the calendar, then choose a different color from the popover circle_g.jpg. You can also click the Custom color link to pop up a more full-featured color picker, if you don’t like the six standard choices.

      circle_g.jpg Clicking the color button brings up a color picker.

    • Click in the name field of the calendar, and change it to rename the calendar.
    • To delete a calendar, click the red button with a minus sign in it. As usual when you’re potentially about to destroy data, iCloud warns you and asks if you’re sure circle_h.jpg. If you are, click Delete Calendar.

      Click to view larger image

      circle_h.jpg Make sure you really want to delete that calendar!

  3. When you’re done changing your calendars, Click the Done link.

To change calendar views

On the iCloud website, you have a choice of Day, Week, Month, or List calendar views. Click one of the Calendar View buttons in the toolbar circle_gray_b.jpg to view the calendar as you wish.

To change date views

At the bottom of the window, you’ll find the Date selector circle_i.jpg. This selector changes depending on the calendar view. For example, if the Month view is set, you’ll see years and months in the Date selector. If the Day or List view is set, you’ll see individual days in the selector. Do one or more of the following (assuming the Month view is active; the other views are similar in operation):


Click to view larger image

circle_i.jpg The Date selector changes, depending on the calendar view.

  • Click one of the months to view its contents.
  • Click the Previous or Next buttons to move to the previous or next month. If you’re already viewing January or December, your view will change to the previous or next year.
  • Click the Previous Year or Next Year buttons to change the calendar view by an entire year.
  • Click the Today button at the lower left corner of the window to jump to today’s date.
  • If you need to view a date that’s more than a few clicks away, click the Actions menu circle_gray_c.jpg and choose Go to Date. The resulting date picker circle_j.jpg allows you to type or navigate to the date you want. Choose that date, then click OK.

    circle_j.jpg You can jump to dates many months or years away with this date picker.

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