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Setting Display Options

In addition to using the zoom controls to change the magnification (see “Setting Magnification” in Chapter 2), you can show or hide the following elements in the document window by clicking check boxes in the View : Show group red-a.jpg:

Figure 4.18

red-a.jpg Click check boxes in the Show group to enable or disable display options.

  • Ruler. Use the ruler to position objects, set paragraph indents, and set tab stops.
  • Gridlines. When enabled, each page is overlaid with a visible grid red-b.jpg. Placed objects automatically snap to the nearest grid intersection.
    Figure 4.19

    Click to view larger image

    red-b.jpg Gridlines can make it easier to place objects.

  • Navigation Pane. Use the Navigation Pane red-c.jpg to move directly to a specific document page, heading, or search result. For instructions, see “Using the Navigation Pane,” later in this chapter.
    Figure 4.20

    Click to view larger image

    red-c.jpg Use the Navigation Pane to quickly move to a desired spot in a document.

To show/hide rulers

  • Click the View : Show : Ruler check box.

To show/hide gridlines

  • Click the View : Show : Gridlines check box.

To show/hide the Navigation Pane

  • Click the View : Show : Navigation Pane check box. To switch among viewing document headings, page thumbnails, and search results, select a category beneath the pane’s search box. To remove the pane, click its close box (X) or remove the Navigation Pane check mark from the Show group gray-a.jpg.
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