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From the author of About the Office Web Apps

About the Office Web Apps

Think of the Office Web Apps as lite browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. That is, although the Web Apps are real applications and are useful for light to moderate work, they lack some of the power, speed, and flexibility of their Office counterparts. Here are some useful facts about the Office Web Apps:

  • You can access the Office Web Apps with Internet Explorer, Safari, or FireFox.
  • Your computer is not required to have an installed version of Microsoft Office. On the other hand, if Office is installed, you can switch from the Web Apps to Office when editing needs require it.
  • The Office Web Apps have no Save command because changes are automatically saved as you work.

Within Windows Live, you can connect to the Web Apps through SkyDrive by opening a stored Office document or by electing to create a new one.

To create a new Office document:

  1. Log into SkyDrive and open the folder in which you want to create the new document.
  2. Open the Create menu A and choose the type of Office document you’d like to create.
  3. A. The Create menu lists the types of Office documents you can create.

  4. Name the document and click the Create button B.
  5. B. Enter a filename for the new document.

    The new document is saved in the current SkyDrive folder and opens in the Office Web App C.

    C. The Web App launches and displays the new Office document.

To open an existing Office document in a Web App:

  1. Log into SkyDrive and open the folder that contains the Office document you’d like to view or edit.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • Click the document’s filename.
    • Click the document’s check box and choose Open > Open in application Web App D, such as Excel Web App.

    D. Choose this command to open the selected document in a Web App.

    The document opens in an Office Web App for viewing and/or editing E.

    E. A Word document opened for viewing in the Microsoft Word Web App.

F. Certain non-Office documents stored in your SkyDrive account can also be opened for viewing.

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