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Getting Rid of Lens Flare—The Manual Way

Another great reason to wear a baseball cap when you shoot (besides the two obvious reasons: [1] it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun, and [2] it looks cool) is to help eliminate (or at the very least, reduce) lens flare. If you’re using a lens hood on your camera, that can certainly help, but I’ve found that often it alone is not enough. That’s where your ballcap comes in—just take it off and position it above the right or left top side of your lens (depending on where the sun is positioned). Then look through your camera’s viewfinder to see (1) right where to position your ballcap so it blocks the lens flare from the sun (it’s easier than you think), and (2) to make sure your ballcap doesn’t show up in your photo (I’ve had more than one photo with the edge of a ballcap in the frame. I guess that’s why they make Photoshop—to remove silly stuff like that). I’m still surprised how well this totally manual technique for removing lens flare works.

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