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Tips for Shooting Panoramas, Part 3


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Now, if you followed the rules set out on the previous two pages, the rest is easy:

  • Step One: Open Photoshop and then go under Photoshop’s File menu, under Automate, and choose Photomerge.
  • Step Two: In the resulting dialog, click the Browse button in the center, navigate to your pano photo segments, choose them all, and click Open.
  • Step Three: At the bottom of the Source Files section, make sure the Blend Images Together checkbox is turned on and turn on Vignette Removal. Leave the Layout set to Auto and click OK.
  • Step Four: Photoshop will then stitch the photos together into one seamless panorama (you may need to crop off any transparent areas). If you see a small seam at the top, between two segments, use the Clone Stamp tool (S) to cover it by pressing-and-holding the Option (PC: Alt) key and clicking in a nearby area of sky that looks similar to sample that area. Then, choose a soft-edged brush from the Brush Picker and clone (paint) over the little seam to hide it. If you still have some gaps in the corners, select them, then go under the Edit menu and choose Fill. In the Fill dialog, change the Use pop-up menu to Content-Aware and click OK. Use the Clone Stamp tool to clean up any problems.
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