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To set up the Perspective grid:

  1. Choose View > Perspective Grid > Define Grids to open the Define Grids dialog box (Figure 14).

    Fig. 14
    Figure 14 The Define Grids dialog box sets the parameters for the Perspective grids used by the document.

  2. Double click to change the name of the grid and set values for the number of vanishing points, grid cell size, and colors.

  3. Click OK to accept the settings and return to the document. The grids you have defined can be selected from the bottom of the View > Perspective Grid submenu.

  4. To move the vanishing points and the grids, drag them with the Perspective tool.


  • To keep the objects attached to the grid, select the objects and hold down the Shift key as you as you move the vanishing points and the grids.

  • As you make changes to a grid in a document, those changes are continuously saved. If you want to save a grid configuration, click Duplicate in the Define Grid dialog box to create a copy of the grid before you make your changes.

Grid objects are envelopes. As with other envelopes, you can release an object, leaving it distorted.

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