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To paste an envelope as a path:

  1. Select the envelope you want to copy (Figure 8).

    Fig. 8
    Figure 8 A text block with a custom envelope applied.

  2. Choose Modify > Envelope > Copy As Path from the menu to copy the path to the clipboard.

  3. Choose Edit > Paste to paste the shape into the document. You can then place it behind the original envelope if you wish (Figure 9).

    Fig. 9
    Figure 9 Copy the envelope as a path and put it behind the original envelope to put a fill behind the text.


Sometimes, when you paste a path as an envelope on a text block, the text runs the wrong way (Figure 10). To correct this problem choose Modify > Envelope > Remove to release the text from the envelope. Then repeat the process of applying the envelope to the text block. The text should now run across the envelope as you wanted it to in the first place (Figure 8).

Fig. 10
Figure 10 The Paste As Envelope command sometimes gives unexpected results.

The Perspective grid is a very powerful tool for quickly and easily creating graphics that maintain a consistent perspective. Essentially, it allows you to create envelopes that adjust automatically as they are moved on the page.

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