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To attach an object to the Perspective grid:

  1. Choose View > Perspective Grid > Show. The grid appears on the page (Figure 11).

    Fig. 11
    Figure 11 The Perspective grid.

  2. Choose the Perspective tool (Figure 12) from the Toolbox and drag an object to the desired place on the grid.

    Fig. 12
    Figure 12 The Perspective tool.

  3. Tap one of the cursor keys on the keyboard:

    Left to attach it to the left grid.

    Right to attach it to the right grid.

    Down to attach it to the floor grid oriented to the right vanishing point.

    Up to orient the object toward the left vanishing point and to attach it to the floor grid.

  4. Release the mouse. The object is attached to the grid as an envelope (Figure 13).

    Fig. 13
    Figure 13 The original arrow, and as it appears attached to the floor and side grids.

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