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1. The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

The tried-and-true basics of business will be back—to remind us of the old-fashioned principles that still seem to work, even in this new Internet-enabled world. Profitability, revenues, and proven processes will be key.

Peter Sisson, Chief Strategy Officer,

"The new e-commerce brands will grow more slowly because the investment community has no patience for losses. The emphasis will be on profitability, which means we will see fewer expensive ads."

Sean Kaldor, Vice-President of E-Commerce, NetRatings Inc.

"E-commerce business operations will mature, and overall methods will solidify around a few key processes."

Gwen Hanna, Vice-President of People,

"New e-business companies are becoming more humble as they begin to realize that some of the basic rules and principles of business (such as profitability) [apply] to them, just as [they do] to the 'brick and mortar' companies. Based on these trends, what I humbly predict in the future is a mutual admiration between the 'click and close' companies and the 'brick and mortar' companies, where each will learn to respect and leverage their approaches to business."

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