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6. Business Models and Value Webs

Just when you thought things were settling down with business models, be prepared for more changes. Improvements in efficiency of the supply chain and logistics, disintermediation, and continuing complexities are part of the future.

Alan Naumann, President and CEO, Calico Commerce

"There will be more collaboration than ever, and it will be much more effective. We will apply what we've learned from manufacturing supply chains, and extend successful partnering through to the customer."

Norm Hullinger, Vice-President of Sales and Operations,

"The level of service for the 'last mile' will increase significantly. Express carriers such as UPS, FedEx, etc. will be faster and less expensive."

Paul Brazina, Executive Director, Electronic Commerce Institute, LaSalle University

"The key to e-commerce profitability will be an efficient and effective system to distribute products and services."

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