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7. New Standards and Rules Create Opportunity

There has been much controversy and discussion about privacy and security and how they affect e-commerce. Quite often, new regulations and laws can be perceived as just more bureaucracy that gets in the way of doing business. However, as security issues are mitigated and standards are commonly deployed for security and privacy, new opportunities will actually be created for business.

Mark Walsh, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, VerticalNet

"Anonymity on the Internet will disappear. With advances in technology and electronic signature legislation, the privacy barriers start to disappear. It will be easier for companies to acquire and maintain information about customers in order to sustain lifetime customer relationships."

Brooks Fisher, Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing, Intuit Inc.

"With improved security and recent changes in legislation such as e-signatures, virtual has become 'real.' This is one of the last holdouts where infrastructure was still needed. With that barrier removed, businesses can come online much faster."

Kaj Pedersen, Vice-President of Engineering, Lycos

"The Internet has become the method by which many financial firms retrieve and advertise their services. With this come issues that relate to security and a company's ability to disseminate information. With the increase in demand for online trading and financial services, the winners will be those who can exploit the opportunity for real-time services, within a secure environment."

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