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Adding squiggles and lens glare (top) and smudges and blurs

on the glasses. He switched to the Impressionist variant of the Artists brush to paint on the sand and water, and then painted spontaneous, textured squiggles around the TV and on the sand and water with the Artist Pastel Chalk variant of Dry Media using the Big Canvas paper (loaded from the More Paper Textures library, in the Paper Texture Libraries folder, on the Painter 6 CD-ROM). As a final touch, Dismukes switched to the Grainy Water variant of Liquid. To smear while revealing texture, he changed the subcategory to Grainy Hard Cover in the General section of the Brush Controls palette and added the smudges and blurs on the sand and television.

Finishing the job. Using the same style, technique, tools and colors, Dismukes created similar illustrations on a smaller scale that were used throughout the brochure, as well as a border around the edge of the piece.

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