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Painting tints of color using the Broad Water Brush variant of Water Color

2 Laying in water color over the sketch. We established a general color theme by laying in tints of color-blues and greens-using the Broad Water Brush and Simple Water variants of Water Color. When you paint with Painter's Water Color brushes, brushstrokes remain "wet" until you dry them by choosing Canvas, Dry. Your Water Color strokes will not disturb other "dry" media such as strokes applied with Pens or Pencils.

3 Selectively erasing the sketch. Because the Water Color strokes are separate, it's possible to selectively edit or erase marks made on the image canvas with tools such as the Pens or Pencils without disturbing the "wet" paint. To erase areas of

Using the Bleach variant of the Eraser to remove areas of the sketch

your sketch (as we did), choose the Bleach variant of the Eraser and paint to remove areas. When you've completed the editing, dry the "wet" Water Color brushstrokes to merge then with the image canvas by choosing Canvas, Dry.

4 Developing the underpainting. We left some of the black from the sketch to retain a hand-drawn quality in the study. The brush we planned to use to complete the painting, the Round Camelhair, has unique qualities. By varying pressure on the stylus, you can add new color, or subtly mix color as you paint. To begin, choose the Round Camelhair variant of the Brushes and a color. Using your stylus, paint a few brushstrokes on your image using firm pressure,


Choosing the Round Camelhair variant

then select a new color and apply more brushstrokes over the original strokes using very light pressure. As you drag this brush through a pool of color, you'll notice the edges of the brush pick up a small amount of the existing color from the canvas. Resize the brush as you work using adjust the Size slider in the Controls:Brush palette.

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