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The Bigger Picture

The early moments of the war in Iraq were not fought with physical missiles, but instead with an attack on the computer network supporting Iraqi air defenses. With that compromised, the "traditional" war could start. Today, the assets of any sovereign nation may be only as good as the computer infrastructure that supports it.

Just as taxation on the Internet has pushed legislators to examine the larger issue of taxation in the United States, "security" issues on the Internet are really about security issues in a digital and networked economy. Personal issues of anonymity really are about privacy; e-commerce infrastructure is the same as a physical premises business, and the foundation of society, our security based on infrastructure, will soon be as strong as the IT infrastructure that supports our digital and networked economy. Y2K taught us that the foundation of our 21st century civilization is threaded by the digital networks that integrate power, telephone service, banking, transportation, and virtually every networked business computer in the modern world. Internet security affects all of what is digital commerce.

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