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Animation Terms

Animation Palette

Animation palette:  You’ll create animations in ImageReady by using the Animation palette. A: This displays the frame number. B: Here is where you set how many times the animation plays. C: Here is where you set the delay of each frame. D: These are the playback controls. E: The New Frame icon creates a new frame by duplicating the selected frame. F: Use the Delete Frame icon to delete a frame.


Frames:  ImageReady’s Animation palette numbers frames sequentially. A single frame indicates that the image is static, while two or more different frames displayed in sequence will create the illusion of movement.


Frame-by-Frame Animation:  You can create this by turning on and off different layers over a series of frames.

Position Tween

Position Tween:  When this is applied, one layer of artwork changes position over a number of frames. You can create a Tween in ImageReady by taking two different frames (called keyframes) and applying the Tween command, which will create the additional frames automatically.

Opacity Tween

Opacity Tween:  This is something you apply so that one layer of artwork changes opacity over a number of frames.

Layer Effect

Layer Effect Tween:  You can also apply to one layer of artwork a Layer Effect which changes over a number of frames.

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