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When you apply appearance attributes, your object will have a totally new look that can be modified or removed at any time, even after the file is saved, closed, and reopened.

To apply appearance attributes:

  1. In the document window, select the object whose appearance attributes you want to modify.


    On the Layers palette, click the gray cir-cle for a layer, group, or object to target that item for appearance changes.

  2. Choose Window > Show Appearance.

  3. On the Appearance palette, do any of the following:

    Double-click Stroke to select the Stroke square on the Color palette, then modify the stroke color and/or stroke width via the Stroke palette.

    Click Fill to select the Fill square on the Color palette, then modify the fill color.

    Double-click Default Transparency (or the current transparency appearance attribute) to show the Transparency palette, then modify the Opacity value and/or change the blending mode.

    Choose a command from a submenu on the Effect menu (for starters, try an effect from the Distort & Transform or Stylize submenu), modify the dialog box settings, then click OK. The Effect command will be listed at the top of the attributes area of the palette. (Read more about effects on pages 308Ð314.)

    Note: Remember to choose appearance commands from the Effect menu, not the Filter menu. Filter menu commands will permanently rasterize an object. Effect menu commands, on the other hand, since they are vector effects, can be re-edited or removed at any time without permanently changing the object.

Working with attributes

If a layer or group is targeted, the word Contents will appear on the attributes list on the Appearance palette. If an individual text object is targeted, you'll see the word Te x t . If an object with gradient mesh fill is targeted, you'll see the words Mesh Points.

Moving any attribute up or down on the palette changes the order and appearance of that attribute on the actual item.

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