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Aside from just listing appearance attributes, the Appearance palette can also be used to open palettes and other dialog boxes (e.g., Effect menu, Stroke) for previously applied appearance attributes in order to edit them.

To edit or restack appearance attributes:

  1. In the document window, select the object whose appearance attributes you want to modify.


    On the Layers palette, click the gray cir-cle for a layer, group, or object to target that item for appearance changes.

  2. On the Appearance palette, double-click any appearance attribute to open its dialog box or show its palette, and make modifications.


    Drag any appearance attribute (except Object Opacity) upward or downward on the list. Not only will its location change on the list, but its appearance on the actual object will change because of its new stacking position. For example, if you drag a stroke below a fill attribute and then lower the opacity of the fill attribute, the stroke will then show through the fill.

To edit a stroke or fill appearance attribute:

  1. Target a layer, sublayer, group, or object 1.

  2. On the Appearance palette, click Stroke or Fill 2.

  3. On the Transparency palette, change the opacity or blending mode and/or apply an Effect menu command. These attributes will apply only to the selected Stroke or Fill-not to the object as a whole.

    Click the triangle for the Stroke or Fill list to see its nested attributes 3; click the triangle again to collapse the list.

    A brush can be applied to a stroke. The brush name will appear next to the Stroke attribute on the Appearance palette. Double-click the brush name to open the Stroke Options dialog box.

To remove a brushstroke from a stroke attribute:

  1. Target a layer, group, or object.

  2. Show the Brushes palette, then click the Remove Brush Stroke button at the bottom of the palette.


    Click the Stroke attribute on the Appearance palette, then click the Delete Selected Item (trash) button at the bottom of the palette. The stroke becomes None.

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