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E-volutionary Tactics

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Change the way your business thinks about the Internet with e-commerce management expert Mitchell Levy's evolutionary tactics. These evolutionary tactics appear at the end of each chapter of his book, Thriving in the Internet Age Through E-Commerce Management, and are excerpted in their entirety here.
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E-Commerce Thinking

  • E-Commerce encompasses all of the business interactions of a company.

  • We are just setting out on the path of the Internet Age.

  • The Internet Age will spawn a new, more powerful customer.

  • The goal for your company should be to create a holistic, Internet-enabled entity.

  • The Internet must be integrated across the entire company and all partners in your value web.

  • Failure and experimentation will be a necessary part of strategy.

  • Thinking outside the box will be essential for survival, growth, and evolution in the Internet Age.

Business Models for the E-Conomy

  • Classic value chains and supply chains are evolving into value webs, where any entity can play the role of any node in the web: buyer, seller, supplier, customer.

  • Partnering has become a necessity for the success of new e-commerce business models.

  • Several types of business models and partnerships are emerging, with different purposes including marketing, distribution, supply chain and exchanges, fulfillment, and business infrastructure.

  • The customer still needs to be the focal point of any successful business model.

  • Value needs to be delivered to all participants in the value web.

  • Business models need to be adapted and changed regularly and consistently.

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