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Shifting Markets

  • The Internet will not be going away any time soon.

  • The gold rush has not even started yet; there are many more opportunities in the future.

  • New markets will be developed in response to changing customer demands.

  • There will be opportunities to change the mix of products and services that companies offer.

  • Expect to fail in order to learn and keep evolving.

  • There will be a need for more experimentation and shorter experiments.

  • There will be more emphasis on distributing information/content, and less emphasis on selling products and services.

  • In general, more collaboration and partnering will be needed among companies to take advantage of opportunities quickly.

  • Dot.coms and brick-and-mortar companies can learn a lot from each other.

  • Revenue and profitability will continue to be an important measure of success in shifting markets.

  • Focus on the customer's need that is being satisfied with the technology, not the technology itself.

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