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Change Is Constant, Change Is Good

  • Change will be with us forever; make it your friend.

  • Managing change requires committed leadership from the top.

  • Create a Chief Change Agent (CCA) in your company.

  • Managing change is also a matter of managing people and incentives in ways that create win-win situations for them and the organization.

  • There are many catalysts for change that reside within your company or externally; create opportunities for everyone to lend a hand and voice their opinions.

  • The future will be full of opportunity, surprises, and new ways to transform business.

  • Experiment and evolve, adjusting your strategies and activities based on the lessons learned in your everyday activity and from your experiments.

  • Reorganize all your functions, companies, divisions, etc. to revolve around your customers.

  • We are just at the beginning; be prepared, because you ain't seen nothing yet!

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