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Instant Global Presence

  • To be truly global, you must be committed to re-create and re-deploy your company for each geographic area that you target.

  • It's important to decide how global you want to be, consistent with your vision.

  • You must think globally, but act locally.

  • Acting locally requires individualization and personalization to your customers.

  • You must decide how you will overcome the four major hurdles in laying out the plan (legal, logistics, currency, and language).

  • Legal hurdles include trade boundaries, contractual issues, and local laws regarding advertising.

  • Logistics hurdles include shipping, customs, and distance from your customer.

  • Currency affects timing of transactions and exchange rates.

  • Language can be a huge hurdle requiring localization, but several technology tools are available that can help.

  • Understand that just because a Web site is accessible from anywhere in the world doesn't necessarily mean that you are a global business.

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