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New Expectations for Customer Service

  • Create a CCEO (Chief Customer Experience Officer) who is part of the executive management staff.

  • Your entire company must function as a customer service organization.

  • All functions need to be redefined to incorporate customer service into their goals, and you need to increase the salary levels of those closest to your customers.

  • In order to evolve the people and processes to fit changing customer expectations, realistic metrics need to be in place and used on a regular basis.

  • Customer service incentives should be provided for all employees, tied to compensation.

  • Your customer service levels should be consistent with the customer stratification of your market.

  • Partners need to provide the same consistent customer service as your company or be replaced with partners that can.

  • All appropriate business processes should serve customer service goals.

  • A common customer database should be universally accessible across your organization.

Managing the E-Commerce Organization

  • Organizational changes will be driven by your vision.

  • At the highest level, spin-outs, subsidiaries, and cross-functional reorganization are some of the changes that may work to accomplish your vision.

  • Keeping up with the new e-conomy requires a nimble and flexible organization.

  • Self-directed workgroups are one of the best ways to manage people.

  • Internet-enabled communications should be leveraged to increase and improve collaboration and communication within the company.

  • Legacy people can stall the progress of the entire organization.

  • New organizational structures are customer-centric, in accordance with your customer stratification scheme.

  • Collaborative management is one of the successful ways to manage the new organization.

  • Mentoring can help increase the level of collaboration within the organization.

  • Motivation results from empowering teams to serve the customer and make decisions.

  • If organizational structures aren't working, they need to be changed.

  • Training and re-training may be necessary to e-volve the organization, both inside the organization and externally through continuing education.

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