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Tweak a letterform

Often logos involve tweaking a letterform out of the ordinary. This can be a very simple addition or subtraction to a character, or it might involve an illustrative technique.

Having letterforms interact with each other, as many of these do, adds visual interest and makes a typographic design more unique.

Once we saw this business name set in lowercase italic, it was an easy creative jump to see the letter "f" in the shape of a feather.

We pulled out the tail of the ampersand (&) to give this logo a more unique look and provide a subtle visual emphasis to the concept of "art" in the logo.

This logo for the Lamy Ad Club uses a strong combination of typefaces with a simple reverse of the overlapping stroke.

In each of these examples we simply substituted a small image of some sort for a character. The small images might be from picture fonts, clip art, original art, or just drawn shapes.

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