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Nikita Prokhorov’s Ambigram of the Month: Father

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In honor of Father's Day, Nikita Prokhorov, author of Ambigrams Revealed: A Graphic Designer's Guide To Creating Typographic Art Using Optical Illusions, Symmetry, and Visual Perception, offers an array of ambigrams internationally dedicated to Dad.

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From the author of

Being a father is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It's easy to conceive a child, but it's difficult to be a father, and to be a good father at that! The concept of being a good father is universal in every culture. You don't need to speak the language or know the traditions to see the connection between a father and son/daughter or to understand that the father is a good father. Still, I wanted the ambigrams for Father's Day to have a bit of international flair, so these ambigrams are dedicated to all the international fathers in the world that do a great job with their children day in and day out.

As an ambigrammist, when I think of a word to turn into an ambigram, I already start thinking of solutions in my mind. Often the solution is already there before I get the sketchbook and pencils out. It may come out exactly as it was drawn in my mind, or it may turn into something entirely different! In this instance, as you can see from the sketches, the most complicated ambigram was 'father' in English, as it was drawn in a more distinct style. The rest of the ambigrams (père, papá, padre and vater) were drawn in a mono-weight style that worked well across the board.

"Father" ambigram sketches.

Enjoy these ambigrams, and to all the fathers in the world, happy Father's Day!

Download PDFs of these ambigrams here.

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