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Adding Blank Pages

The most obvious distinguishing characteristic of long documents is that they have many pages. InDesign gives you several ways to add pages to your document. The simplest way is to specify a certain number of pages before you start your document. You may, however, need to add pages after you have already started work on a document.

To add blank pages, you need to have the Pages palette visible.

To open the Pages palette:

If the Pages palette is not visible, choose Window > Pages to open the palette (Figure 1).


If the Pages palette is behind other palettes, click the Pages palette tab. If you need to add just a few pages, you can add them manually.

Figure 1

The Pages palette.

To manually add pages:

  1. Click the New Page icon in the Pages palette to add a single page.


    Drag a master page or a non-master page from the master page area to the document area of the palette (Figure 2).

  2. Repeat as many times until you have added all the pages you need.

Figure 2

Drag a master page from the master page area of the Pages palette to the document area to add pages to a document.

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