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An Intro to Linux

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Have you been thinking of installing Linux? This article, from Red Hat Linux 6: Visual QuickPro Guide, answers some of the more common beginner questions such as what is Linux? What is the GPL? What is Gnome? And why Red Hat Linux 6?

Excerpted from Red Hat Linux 6: Visual QuickPro Guide, by Harold Davis

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I ENVY THE FINE, NEW adventure that you are about to embark on! Red Hat Linux 6 is not your father's Unix: the interface is visual, user-friendly, and completely customizable to the way you like to work.

Powerful personal productivity applications--such as Gnomecard, Gnotepad+, and the Gnumeric spreadsheet--ship with Red Hat Linux 6 and are ready to run. Familiar programs such as the Netscape Communicator suite and Corel WordPerfect can be used to browse the Web, send and receive email, and create word-processing documents. And there is so much more! To take just one example, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (affectionately called the “Gimp”) ships with Red Hat Linux 6. The Gimp most certainly gives Adobe's expensive program Photoshop quite a run for the money.

But these applications are only the beginning. Red Hat Linux 6 is a powerful server operating system. It is capable of performing workhorse duties as a file and print sharer in a small home or office. It can be used to manage large, enterprise-class networks. Combined with Apache, the most widely used Web server software, it can be used to host world-class World Wide Web sites.

Even if money were no object, Red Hat Linux 6 would be a superb operating system choice for almost any application. Obviously, the price is right. No wonder so many people are deciding to run Linux as their operating system of choice, making it the world's fastest growing major operating system.

Red Hat Linux 6 is as good as it gets!

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