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Reduce Marketing Costs

Once you realize how much information the Web can provide, it isn't hard to imagine how putting marketing information on the Web can save money. What Ben Franklin said in the 1700s still applies today: a penny saved is a penny earned.

There are two ways to increase your company's net profit or "bottom line": increase revenues or reduce costs. Your company's Web site may not increase revenue by much, but if it cuts costs, the net effect is the same.

Marketing vs. Advertising vs. Sales

I want to make some kind of distinction between marketing, advertising, and sales because they are related but different. Marketing is what you do to attract potential customers and clients and tell them about your products and services. Advertising is part of marketing-getting the word out about your company and what it offers. Sales is the next step: making a deal with the customer or client.

Think of it this way:

  • Advertising is standing on a street corner yelling, "Hey! Here I am! Here's what I have to offer!"

  • Marketing is saying, "Spend a moment with me so I can tell you how my products and services can benefit you."

  • Sales is saying, "Here's the product or service that meets your needs. Here's how much it costs. Will you be paying with cash, check, or charge?"

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