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Grouping and Pasting Into Objects

You can group objects so you can easily select and modify them as a unit.

To group objects

  1. Select the objects you want to group.
  2. Choose Object > Group. A dotted-line bounding box encloses all the objects blue-a.jpg.


    blue-a.jpg When selected with the Selection tool, grouped items display a dashed line around the group.

You can also create groups within groups. This is called nesting.

To nest groups

  1. Select the grouped objects.
  2. Hold the Shift key and select another object or group.
  3. Choose Object > Group.

Once you have grouped objects, you can select individual objects within the group.

To select groups or objects within groups

Click once on any item in the group. The group is selected as a whole.


Double-click to select a specific item in the group blue-b.jpg.


blue-b.jpg When selected with the Direct Selection tool, a single item in a group is displayed on its own.

To use commands to select objects within groups

  1. Use the Selection tool to select the group.
  2. Choose Object > Select > Content. This selects the topmost object in the group.
  3. Choose Object > Select > Previous Object. This selects the object that is layered below the selected object.


    Choose Object > Select > Next Object. This selects the object that is directly above the selected object.

To ungroup objects

  1. Select the group.
  2. Choose Object > Ungroup.
  3. If you have nested groups, continue to ungroup the objects as necessary.

You can also paste an object into a frame. InDesign refers to the object that is pasted as the content. It refers to the frame that holds the object as the container.

To paste an object into another

  1. Select the first object and position it over the second object blue-c.jpg.


    blue-c.jpg An object to be pasted into another should be positioned over the other.

  2. Choose Edit > Cut to place the first object on the computer clipboard.
  3. Select the second object and choose Edit > Paste Into. The content appears within the borders of the container blue-d.jpg.


    blue-d.jpg The Paste Into command displays the content only within the borders of the container.

To remove pasted-in content

  1. Use the Direct Selection tool to select the pasted-in content.
  2. Choose Edit > Cut.
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