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Remove or Reposition Objects

Repairing spot blemishes is certainly helpful, but what if more extreme measures are required? Suppose you want to remove objects entirely or reposition them in the frame? You don't need to switch to a desktop or laptop computer to do it. Adva Soft's Handy Photo app ($1.99) includes tools to do just that.

In Figure 6, I captured a fun photo of my daughter playing in leaves. Unfortunately, I wasn't good about paying attention to the entire scene while shooting and didn't see the distracting brightly-colored plastic tricycle in the background. No worries, though.

Figure 6 How did I miss that toy in the background?

  1. Open the image in Handy Photo.
  2. Tap the Tools menu in the top-right corner of the screen and choose the Retouch tool.
  3. From the bottom-left corner, tap the Brush tool.
  4. Paint the object you want to remove (Figure 7). Alternately, you could select the Lasso tool and draw a selection area around the object.
  5. Figure 7 Paint to select which object to remove.

  6. Tap once on the selection to apply the fix. After a few seconds, the pixels in that area are intelligently replaced according to the surrounding area (Figure 8).
  7. Figure 8 The toy is removed.

(Adva Soft also sells an app called TouchRetouch HD ($0.99) that does only the retouching. Handy Photo bundles that functionality with other tools.)

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