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Landscape Sin #5: A Crooked Horizon Line


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If there is one thing that drives people crazy when they look at a photo, it’s a crooked horizon line. What’s even worse, a lot of times people looking at an image with a crooked horizon line will tell you there’s “just something about it that doesn’t feel right,” even if they don’t realize the problem is the horizon line (it’s easy to get distracted by beautiful colors and cool clouds, but the viewer will still perceive that something is wrong with the image, even if they can’t articulate exactly what it is). Since just about every post-processing program out there has some sort of built-in straightening, there’s no excuse for having a crooked horizon line. Hey, while we’re here, although these clouds aren’t spectacular or epic by any means, imagine this same shot without them, and instead you have a bald, empty sky. Really makes a difference, doesn’t it?

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