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Using Your LCD Monitor Outdoors

If it’s bright outside, you’re going to quickly run into one of the biggest challenges of shooting outdoors, and that is you can’t see anything on your LCD monitor—the sunlight washes everything out. In fact, it’s often so hard to see anything that you might as well turn off your monitor and save your battery, but then your LCD monitor becomes about useless. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with the Hoodman HoodLoupe Professional. You wear this around your neck (when you’re shooting outdoors), then you simply hold it up over your LCD monitor and its soft rubber enclosure blocks out the sun and gives you a crystal clear view of your monitor. I carry this with me to all my outdoor shoots, and after you use it even once, you won’t want to be without it. (Note: Even though it’s called a “loupe,” it doesn’t really magnify your image like a traditional loupe—it just blocks the sun out, but really, that’s all we need.) It sells for around $80 at B&H Photo.

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