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Netscape Plug-ins

Netscape plug-ins work in Netscape 2 or later. Many plug-ins can be set either to run inline or to launch a helper app. They can also be set to play different qualities of content depending on the computer or modem speed. The RealPlayer is a good example of both of these traits.

There are some ActiveX equivalents to Netscape plug-ins; see the ActiveX section, later in this chapter (in the printed book), and the documentation for the specific plug-in.

To insert a Netscape plug-in:

  1. In the Document window, click to place the insertion point at the place on the page where you want the plug-in to appear.

  2. From the Document window menu bar, select Insert > Plug-in; or click on the Insert Media Plug-in button on the Objects palette.

  3. Either way, the Select File dialog box will appear (Figure 11). When you locate the file, click on Open.

    Figure 11

    Browse for the plug-in files on your computer. Remember that you're looking for the media file to be played, not the plug-in component (DLL) that plays it

  4. When the pathname of the plug-in appears in the Plug-in Source text box, click on OK. The dialog box will close and a plug-in placeholder will appear in the Document window.


  • You can use the behavior called Check Plug-in to determine whether a user has a particular plug-in installed. See Chapter 15 (in the printed book) for more details.

After you insert the placeholder, you can set additional properties for the plug-in.

To set Plug-in properties:

  1. Select the Plug-in placeholder in the Document window. The Properties inspector will display Plug-in properties (Figure 12).

    Figure 12

    The Properties inspector, displaying plug-in properties.

  2. Change any properties in the Properties inspector and click on the Apply button.

  3. To set extra parameters, click on the Parameters button.


  • If you change the source for the plug-in by clicking on the folder icon, you'll need to select the appropriate file type, or All Files, from the Files of Type drop-down menu.

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