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Shockwave and Flash

Shockwave and Flash Player are Netscape plug-ins, but you get more up-front ability to set their attributes by using the Insert > Media > Shockwave and Insert > Media > Flash tools. Director, Flash, and Dreamweaver are all made by Macromedia, after all, and integration of the three is one of Dreamweaver's big selling points.

To insert a Shockwave or Flash file:

  1. In the Document window, click to place the insertion point at the place on the page where you want the Shockwave or Flash movie to appear.

  2. From the Document window menu bar, select Insert > Media > Shockwave Director or Insert > Media > Flash ; or click on the Insert Shockwave or Insert Flash button on the Objects palette.

  3. The Select File dialog box will appear (Figure 13). Locate the file on your computer. Click on Open when you find the file.

    Figure 13

    Choose a .DCR file or a .SWF (Flash) file from your computer.

  4. When the filename of the movie appears in the Movie Source text box, click on OK. The dialog box will close and an icon will appear in the Document window.


  • Behaviors for detecting whether a browser has Shockwave or Flash installed and for inserting Shockwave or Flash controls are discussed in Chapter 15 of the printed book.

Once you've gone through the motions of inserting a Shockwave or Flash file, you can change the properties.

To set Shockwave properties:

  1. Select the Shockwave or Flash placeholder in the Document window. The Properties inspector will display Shockwave properties (Figure 14) or Flash properties (Figure 15).

    Figure 14

    The Properties inspector, displaying Shockwave for Director properties.

    Figure 15

    The Properties inspector, displaying Flash properties. Note that Flash has a few extra attributes.

  2. Change any properties in the Properties inspector, and click on the Apply button.

  3. To set extra parameters, click on the Parameters button. (See Extra Parameters, later in this chapter.)

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