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Color Temperature Controls

Some applications, including Adobe SpeedGrade, provide an alternate set of color sliders specifically to address color temperature shifts and magenta/green corrections (Figure 4.94). Additionally, some formats encoded using a RAW color space, such as RED R3D files, expose similar controls.

Figure 4.94

Figure 4.94 Another way of adjusting color balance using the Temperature and Magenta controls found in SpeedGrade.

In general, there’s nothing you can do with these that you can’t do with a typical set of color balance controls, but they are a convenience for specific operations.

These are essentially color balance controls controlling the highlights zone of tonality, except that that each slider is locked to a specific angle of hue for the correction. In SpeedGrade, Temperature balances the red channel against the blue channel, while Magenta balances the red and blue channels against the green channels.

Like the color balance controls, these sliders aren’t just useful for corrections. You can also use them to introduce color imbalances to stylize the image.

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