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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The SPLATTER challenge!

For your final chapter Challenge, hold a generative brainstorm and find patterns among the concepts you create.

Ideally, brainstorm with a group of three to six people and have one person take on the role of a facilitator. Try this multiple times with different Challenge statements, to give everyone a chance to facilitate!

What to bring:

  • Use the Spark Frame you created at the end of the Spark chapter.
  • Have someone bring at least two constraints and two Spark questions (or everyone can bring just one).
  • Have sketch paper, sticky notes, pens, paper, and tape on hand so you can post your ideas.

Go somewhere quiet where you can spread out and put things up on the wall to see the big picture and find patterns. Use Brainstorm Fuel on page 77 to get started.

For timing, consider spending:

5 minutes

going over your Spark Frame and making sure everyone knows how you developed it, and what you’re trying to do.

5-10 minutes

individually sketching concepts for one Solution Idea in your Spark Frame. Sketch as many concepts as you can in that time.

5 minute blocks

to sketch concepts for EACH constraint and each Spark question. (So if you have two of each, that will take 20 minutes total.)

10 minutes

to go around and have everyone explain their concepts and put them up on the wall.

10-20 minutes

to group concepts and identify patterns while working together. Feel free to group and regroup, discussing the importance of each pattern you find.

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