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Chapter 4 Assignments

What’s Your Glass?

Take a look at your lens (or lenses) and be sure you understand what you’ve got. What’s your focal length range, or do you have a prime lens? What’s your maximum aperture? Does it depend on how much you’ve zoomed the lens in or out?

Banish Digital Zoom!

If you use a point and shoot, I recommend that you take the time right now to dig into your settings and turn it off. Though it can be very tempting to use the digital zoom, it does nothing but harm to your images. If you need to get closer to something, go old-school and “zoom with your feet”!

Seeing the Range of Possibilities

If you are working with a zoom lens, head outside and take a series of shots, from the widest angle that your lens is capable of, through the mid-range of your lens, all the way out to where your lens is maxed out. Take a look at all of those images and consider the range of shots your lens gives you. Cool, right?

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