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Live Corners

One of my favorite new features is the addition of Live Corners, which gives you the ability to reshape the corner anchor points of a path into one of three available corner types (rounded, inverted rounded, and chamfer). I’m excited because it means I no longer have to draw my button shapes with the Rounded Rectangle tool or apply an effect to get a rounded corner.

You can apply Live Corners several ways including using the corner widget. Here’s how you can quickly get started with Live Corners:

  1. Try creating a rectangle or square.
  2. With the shape selected, select the Direct Selection tool and position the pointer over the shape. In each of the selected corner anchor points, you will see the Live Corners widget (see Figure 7).
  3. Figure 7 The Live Corners widget

  4. Drag one of the Live Corners widgets in towards the center of the shape. All selected points will be rounded by default (see Figure 8, left). If you drag the Live Corners widget far enough from the corner anchor point (toward the center of the shape), the rounded corner will be shown as a red path. This indicates that the maximum possible point has been reached (see Figure 8, right).
  5. Figure 8 Edit the corners

  6. Double-click one of the Live Corners widgets to open a dialog box that allows you to edit the options for the selected anchor points (see Figure 9).
  7. Figure 9 Double-click the Live Corners widget

You can also select corner anchor points in a path or multiple paths and click the Corners link in the Control panel, and set the Corner Radius to the right of the Corners link in the Control panel (see Figure 10).

Figure 10 The Live Corners options in the Control panel

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