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Picture Effects

If you love the filters found on popular smartphone photography apps, you might find the picture effect function in the A7/A7R appealing. This feature allows you to choose a predetermined “filter” for your image. These filters include Toy Camera, Pop Color, Color Posterization, Retro Photo, Soft High Key, High Contrast Mono, Miniature (Figure 4.1), and several partial color filters. Each has its own look and feel, and it’s best to simply experiment with each of them in different environments to see if you find them appealing.

Figure 4.1

Figure 4.1 The Miniature picture effect was applied to this photo, creating a JPEG that simulates the look of a tilt/shift lens.

ISO 100 • 1/2500 sec. • f/2.8 • 35mm lens

Setting up picture effects

  1. Put the camera in JPEG mode: Menu > Camera Settings 1 > Quality > Extra Fine.
  2. Choose Menu > Camera Settings 4 > Picture Effect (A).

  3. Select the picture effect you want (B).

  4. If the picture effect you select has an arrow beside it, that means there are multiple options you can select for that effect. Press the right or left side of the Control wheel to scroll between them.

Picture effects require a bit of in-camera processing, so these modes are available only when shooting in JPEG mode. However, there’s a similar group of settings called creative styles, which you can apply to RAW images. We’ll get into creative styles in Chapter 5.

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