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This chapter is from the book

It’s Your Turn: The China Grill

In Chapter 2 of the first edition of this book, we took a look at another image from this shoot that I made at a Photoshop World Conference several years ago. While I was pretty happy with that image, I think that it had a lot of competing elements in it (if you haven’t seen it, take a look at the first edition—it’s got all different examples for you to work with).

This image has always been more of my favorite as it has simpler shapes and tones to it. The problem with making this image has always been just how electric the colors are to begin with. The chairs in this restaurant are a very deep red. Try adding those exposures together in HDR, and you’re going to get something that’s going to look really unrealistic.

Try to be a little more conservative in how much color saturation you apply to the tone map. You’ll notice that you will overshoot the color very quickly. From there, make sure that you use Hue/Saturation adjustment layers liberally to correct those colors. Also, keep in mind that the walls have color, too, and those will need to be controlled. Some Curves adjustment layers will add some mood to the shot. Let’s see what kinds of images you come up with!

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