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Exercises & Projects

I. Name That Color

Group Activity

A. COLOR NAME SURVEY: Design a survey to chart responses to color naming.

SUPPLIES: Use paint swatches, color aid paper, or other printed matter as samples for use in the survey. Also needed is a laptop with graphics software and color printer and compatible paper.

COMPOSE AND SHARE RESULTS Form teams of two or three members.

  • Determine demographic of the group to be surveyed.
  • Create two control groups to compare on the basis of gender, age, and ethnicity.
  • Write and format a survey that asks basic color naming questions.

    • Name the color.
    • What associations do you have with this color?
    • Do you like it? (the color sample)
    • Name your favorite color.
  • Gather or make color swatches.
  • Implement survey; record results.
  • Design a chart that visually displays (infographic) results. Print.
  • Share and analyze results in a full group critique.


Illustrating Color Properties

Group Activity


Create a Munsell 3D color wheel (see model on "Notes on Color" Pinterest board).

SUPPLIES: Acrylic paint and related supplies. Or, computer graphics spftware, color printer and compatible paper. Additional construction materials needed to make the color wheel such as wooden or metal dowels and rigid sheets of clear acrylic.

SUPPLIES: Use of subtractive media (paint) is encouraged.

However additive media (light) is acceptable.


  • Full class team project.
  • Determine distribution of assignments.
  • Create color charts - each a single hue with saturation and value scale.
  • Construct the 3D wheel.
  • Critique success throughout the project.

Individual Activity

A. EXPRESSIVE PROPERTIES: With a focus on one of the color properties or a group (hue, value, achromatic, etc.), create an image that illustrates the visual dimension and range of the selected property. The image can be a self-portrait or an image of a single object such as an apple, bird, toaster, car, etc


  • Select a property of color to explore such as value, saturation, or hue, or select a group dimension such as achromatic, monochromatic, or warm or cool temperature.
  • Create the image using only one property of color but exploring its full range.
  • Critique results with a group.
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