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From the book Using the Sharpen tool

Using the Sharpen tool

When used with the Protect Detail option checked on the Options bar, the Sharpen tool enhances details without introducing noticeable artifacts. With this tool, you can sharpen areas selectively without having to use a mask. Note: To sharpen an entire image, see the remaining pages in this chapter.

To use the Sharpen tool:

  1. Create a new, blank layer to contain the sharpened pixels, and keep it selected.B
  2. B The eyes in this photo look too soft.

  3. Choose the Sharpen tool (it’s on the same fly-out menu as the Blur tool).
  4. On the Options bar, choose a Strength value, and check Sample All Layers and Protect Detail.
  5. Press [ or ] to adjust the brush diameter, then drag across the areas that need sharpening.C For stronger sharpening, drag again in the same area.
  6. C With the Sharpen tool, we quickly sharpened just the eyes.

  7. Optional: To reduce the overall effect of the sharpening, lower the opacity of the new layer.
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