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Mount the iPad

The iPad’s portability can sometimes be a hindrance when you’re shooting in the studio. Your hands are probably already full with camera gear—you don’t want to set that down to pick up the iPad, or have to crane over a tabletop to view the screen without reflections from overhead lights. That’s when mounting the iPad is useful.

Although there is no shortage of cases and stands for the iPad, I favor two options: a secure mount that was designed to integrate into a photographer’s collection of stands and arms, and a simple desk mount that props up my iPad nearly all the time it’s close to my computer. I encourage you to explore the market for options, which change often. For example, if you also dabble in music, a number of attachments designed for performance stands could also work to hold the iPad in place, to set it up as a teleprompter, to play relaxing music for clients or subjects, and for other uses.

Tether Tools Wallee System

The Wallee Connect system from Tether Tools consists of two parts: a case that connects to the back of the iPad (see the next page), and the Wallee Connect, a sturdy adapter that secures to the case and features holes and threads to connect it to tripods, heads, and lighting stands (4.11). The Connect Kit, which includes the case and the Connect, costs about $120.


4.11 Wallee Connect

The Stump

Hundreds of iPad stands exist on the market now, ranging from simple plastic kickstands to large suction cups, but there’s one that’s proved invaluable to how I work. I often want to prop the iPad next to my computer or on a shelf or table near where I’m shooting. The Stump is a $25 angled piece of heavy material covered in rubber that puts the iPad into three positions, in either portrait or landscape orientation (4.12).


4.12 The Stump is simple, portable, and quite useful.

It sounds almost too simple, I’ll grant you. I received one in a bag of goodies for speaking at a conference and figured I’d toss it fairly soon. However, it’s currently lifting my iPad more often than the Smart Cover I bought. Whether it’s for during a shoot or for working next to your computer later, the Stump is a great little addition.

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