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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Lesson Review

  1. In Faces view, how do you reject a photo when the person iPhoto suggests is not correct?

  2. Where is the button to create a new Smart Album based on the Places view?

  3. How do you add a name to a face that has not been identified by iPhoto?

  4. Why would a pin not appear in the Manage My Places window?

  5. To what three social media websites can you post photos directly from iPhoto?

  6. How do you know which .iPhoto library photos you have posted to Facebook?


  1. Double-click the photo you want to reject, and click Done.

  2. When Places is selected in the Source list, the Smart Album button is located in the lower-right corner of the iPhoto window.

  3. Display the photo in the viewing area. Click the Add Faces button, and position a rectangle over the subject’s face. Finally, type the subject’s name in the name tag.

  4. Only pins for which you type a custom name will appear in Manage My Places. Pins with names provided by iPhoto will not appear.

  5. Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter

  6. View the Facebook album in the Source list.

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