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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Clip Trimmer

Although each clip in the trailer has a predefined length, you can change the range used by adjusting it in the clip trimmer.

  1. In the Storyboard pane, skim to the “On a Quest for Glory” title. Then skim four clips ahead to the “action” clip of Nima running across the kitchen floor.

    This is a nice clip, but her entire running action is missing because the clip ends too soon. Let’s try to shift this clip to remove some of the boring beginning frames and add some of the action to the end.

  2. Click the Clip Trimmer button.

    The clip trimmer opens above the browser and shows a more detailed view of the entire clip, as well as the selected range from the trailer.

  3. In the clip trimmer, skim over the clip to view when Nima starts to run. As you can see, the best part wasn’t included, so you’ll reposition the selected range to include the run.
  4. Position the mouse pointer just before the ball leaves the man’s hand.

  5. Click the filmstrip to the change the selection range, and then click the Close Clip Trimmer button.

  6. To view your change, skim back to the “wide” shot of Nima gnawing on the toy and press the Spacebar to begin playing.

The trailer is complete, and you can play it to review what you’ve created. It’s a delightful movie to watch, but you could still improve it.

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