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Recording Multiple Takes

Multiple-take recording means you can record multiple versions (takes) in succession. Once you stop recording, you can preview the various takes and choose which one you want to use in the project.

The secret to multiple-take recording involves the Cycle Recording preference and the cycle area in the timeline. During multiple-take recording, a new take is recorded each time the cycle repeats. Let’s try it.

  1. Choose GarageBand > Preferences.
  2. In General Preferences, make sure Cycle Recording is deselected.

    If Cycle Recording is selected, each recording cycle is combined within one take. You’ll try this in Lesson 7, “Creating Drum and Percussion Tracks,” to create a complex drum beat. With Cycle Recording deselected, you will record a new take with each cycle.

  3. Close the General Preferences.
  4. Turn on the metronome.
  5. Select the My Arpeggiator Bass track if it is not already selected. Recordings always go to the selected track.

    Your goal is to record at least four full takes before you stop recording. Four takes will give you plenty to choose from when you need to select the best take.

  6. Click the Record button to begin multiple-take recording. You will hear the count-in before recording starts. Play the bass part on your computer’s keyboard. After at least three full cycles, stop recording. You are welcome to record more takes if you wish. With each cycle you will see a red region for the live recording, whereas a green region remains underneath for the previous finished take.

    Take a look at the finished multiple-take region. The number in the upper-left corner of the region shows the current take number. The name of the region is the same as the name of the track, with the addition of a decimal point and take number at the end. In this case, it reads My Arpeggiator Bass.4.

  7. Turn off the metronome. Close the Musical Typing window and hide the Note Pad.
  8. Save your project.

You’ve finished recording multiple takes of the second bass part. In the next section you’ll choose a take to use in the finished project.

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