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Choosing a Take

After you’ve recorded a multiple-take region, you can use the Takes pop-up menu in the upper-left corner of the region to change to a different take. In this exercise you’ll evaluate the different takes and choose the one closest to the original Fingerstyle Bass part that you used as a guide. Later, you can fix the timing of the performance in the Piano Roll Editor.

  1. Select the multiple-take region in your timeline and press Command-Right Arrow or the horizontal zoom slider to zoom into the region until it is easy to compare the notes (dashes) in the multiple-take region with the Fingerstyle Bass guide region.

  2. In the upper-left corner of the multiple-take region, click the number (4 in the screenshot) to open the Takes pop-up menu. The Takes menu lists each take, along with an option to delete unused takes or delete the current take. From the Takes menu, choose Take 1.

  3. Listen to Take 1 with the other bass part. Then unsolo both arpeggiator bass tracks, and mute the original Fingerstyle Base Arpeggiator track. Listen to your bass part with the rest of the tracks.
  4. Choose each take and listen to it with the song. If needed, solo your take with the original arpeggiator bass track to hear them together. When you have determined which take is best, keep it selected and move on to the next step.

  5. Double-click the multiple-take region with the best take showing to open it in the Piano Roll Editor.

    Look at the notes in the Piano Roll Editor to see where they begin. Chances are, the notes do not begin precisely at the beginning of bars or beats as they should.

  6. Adjust the horizontal zoom slider in the editor until you see each beat in the ruler, four beats (indicated with decimal points) per measure.

    Each note starts at the beginning of a measure (bar), so you can quantize the notes to the nearest 1/4 note (beat).

  7. Select the first note, and choose “1/4 note” from the Time Quantize pop-up menu.

    The selected note moves to the beginning of the 17th measure (bar 17).

  8. Press Command-A, or choose Edit > Select All to select all the notes in the region. The top of the Piano Roll Editor inspector shows that eight notes have been selected. Click the Q (Quantize button) to apply 1/4 note quantizing to all of the selected notes.


    All of the selected notes move into position so they start precisely at the beginning of each measure.

  9. Zoom out of the Piano Roll Editor until you can see all the notes in the region to inspect their quantized positions.


  10. Press E to hide the editor.
  11. Delete the Fingerstyle Bass Arpeggiator track. Click OK in the warning dialog.
  12. Turn off Cycle mode.
  13. Adjust the zoom level in the tracks area until you can see all the regions.
  14. Save your project.

All the bass parts have been recorded and the workspace is displaying only the tracks area and headers. It’s time to finish this song.

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