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Editing Multiple Notes Simultaneously in the Editor

To complete this song, your next task is to clean up the busy strings regions. If you recall, the regions in the String Ensemble track are duplicates of the iOS Smart Guitar regions. The busy guitar fingering works fine for the guitar, but it is too much for strings in this song. In this exercise, you’ll open the first strings region in the Piano Roll Editor, and then select and delete all of the notes in the middle of the grid. That way, all you are leaving are the highest and lowest notes. Let’s give it a try.

  1. Select the String Ensemble track header. Press E to open the selected track in the Piano Roll Editor.
  2. Adjust the horizontal zoom in the editor until the first region (Part A iOS Smart Guitar) fills most of the visible area.

  3. Drag the top edge of the Piano Roll Editor upward to expand the editor and give you more room to work.


    Remember, your goal is to delete middle notes; you’ll keep the highest and lowest notes.


    Click to view larger image

    Delete the selected notes shown here

  4. In the Part A region in the editor, click the empty grid above the first played note at the beginning of bar 5. Be careful not to click the edge of the region in the editor or you will trim the beginning of the region.

  5. Drag up and to the right across the middle notes as shown to select them all at once.

  6. Press Delete. The notes are removed from the region.

  7. Play the first part of the song to hear the edited strings region.
  8. Save your progress.

Wow. The strings part sounds so much better. Instead of competing with the guitar part, it now feels like a supporting track.

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