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Copying Parts of a Song with the Arrangement Track

In Lesson 1, “Working with a GarageBand Project,” you worked with arrangement markers in the arrangement track to rename the different sections of this song. Arrangement markers can also be used to move, copy, or delete parts of a song such as the chorus or verse. In this exercise you’ll create a new arrangement marker for the bridge section at the end of the song. Then you’ll copy and move the verse and chorus parts to lengthen the song. Finally, you’ll add an outro (end) to the song. All of this can be done with arrangement markers.

  1. Click the Add button (+) in the arrangement track header to create a new arrangement marker. The new arrangement marker appears after the last arrangement marker currently in the track (Chorus).

    The new marker is already called Bridge, so you won’t need to rename it. The marker is, however, a bit too long for this piece, so let’s trim it to fit the part. First, you’ll need to move the little region at the end that isn’t actually part of the bridge.

  2. Zoom into the bridge section of the timeline. The short region at the end is the last chord of the song. Drag the short region toward the right and place it at bar 36 to get it out of the way.

  3. Drag the right edge of the Bridge arrangement marker to bar 29.

    The bridge section of the song is now the same length as the bridge part.

    It’s time to start copying parts to build the full song. This song will have a total of seven parts: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, and Outro.

  4. Zoom out of the timeline as needed until you see the end-of-project marker at bar 46.
  5. Option-drag the empty space on the Verse arrangement marker to the right and place the duplicate after the chorus at bar 25. Release the marker before you release the Option key.

    Amazing. The arrangement marker and all of the regions within that section of the song are copied simultaneously.

  6. Option-drag the Chorus arrangement marker to bar 37 so the copy starts after the bridge section.

    Notice that the little part of the song that you moved out of the way continues to stay the same distance from the end of the song. It just keeps getting moved toward the right with each duplicate section.

    The last section to Option-drag is the Intro, which will be repurposed as the Outro with a few minor modifications.

  7. Option-drag the Intro arrangement marker to the end of the song and place the duplicate at bar 45.

  8. Click the name Intro on the last arrangement marker and choose Outro from the pop-up menu.
  9. In the Outro section of the song, drag the left edge of the region in the String Ensemble track to extend it to the beginning of the section (bar 45).

  10. Extend the Verse drummer region in the second verse section to bar 37 so that the bridge will share the drummer region.

  11. Move the drummer region in the Outro so that it starts at bar 45 and ends at 50.
  12. Zoom in as needed to drag the short region (past the end-of-project marker) to the left and place it at the end of the Outro section in the Acoustic Guitar track (bar 53).

    The end-of-project marker automatically moves one bar to the right of the last region in the song—in this case, bar 54.

  13. Zoom out of the timeline until you can see the entire song. Play it once to hear how all of the parts work together. Save your project.

Congratulations. You recorded and edited two different Software Instrument bass guitar parts. Along the way you also trimmed excess notes from the strings parts and used the arrangement track to build the finished song.

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